I'm Sai Aditya.


Get in touch by dropping a line to aditya.keeplearning@gmail.com or simply leave a message in the chat. :)

What is
New Experience Development

Theme parks, amusement parks, escape rooms, entertainment centers, and so many others are each certain kinds of experiences. They start in a particular way, make us feel in a particular way, and end in a particular way. But what if, new kinds of experiences can be born just by connecting different things.

New Experience Development is nothing but creating a new kind of experience – using the powers of transmedia storytelling, alternate reality games, gamification, deep-story, storyworlds, spatial storytelling, role-playing, and other knowledge fields based on the kind of experience we are ideating and creating.

With every technological or non-technological change in the transmission, presentation, and interaction of story, there has been an equal change in the way experiences are ideated, created, and experienced.

It is an incredibly exciting time for New Experience Development - in large part owing to the rapid convergence of technology and different realms of knowledge! Seems like we're perpetually turning the corner to something new.

About Me

I believe that creativity is just connecting things and that it is exciting to contemplate how many new ideas are lying dormant in already collected information that is now put together in one way and could be arranged in many other different ways.

I apply that to the fields of experience design and themed entertainment.